Character Creation

We are following the standard rules for character creation from the Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game. Species, Careers, and Specializations may be selected from Age of Rebellion and the Force and Destiny Beta with GM approval.

Characters may be force-sensitive. This requires taking any of the Force-user careers which grant a Force Rating. This can take place at any point in the campaign. Characters without a Force Rating may still have a connection to the Force, but may not select options that require a Force Rating.

Be aware that the Empire has taken a special interest in individuals showing special talents or remarkable skills.

Starting Experience, Obligation/Morality, and Gear

Characters will follow the standard rules regarding starting experience and Obligation. We will be using the rules for Morality found in the Force and Destiny Beta. Gear will likewise follow the standard rules.

After characters are created following the standard rules for character creation, each character will add additional experience, obligation, and gear that reflects their previous endeavors.

Each character begins play with:
+50 xp
+5 Obligation (In the event that a character has more than one obligation, the player may pick which obligation has been increased. The player may also decide to take on an additional obligation)
+1500 credits

Rule of Two

Each player may create two player characters. These characters follow the standard rules for character creation from the Edge of The Empire core rules.

During each session, players must select one of their characters to play. The character selected is now the primary character for the player. This character will obtain full XP for participating in the session and any other rewards for good roleplaying. The character that is not selected acts in a support role or is absent for the session. While acting in a support role the character can still gain XP for the session and contribute their skills and expertise to the team. The player can also choose to keep the character out of play and have him/her take care of their own obligations or work on projects that the character wishes to accomplish. In game terms, this character can attempt to reduce obligation, earn credits, or craft/repair equipment instead of gaining XP.

Character Creation

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