Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Pilots' Log
I Won a Race

So the captain told me that as pilot I need to start keeping a log of what I do. So we went out on an excavation of a derelict ship, wasn’t much to do, but while the crew was salvaging lost cargo, pirates came across the ship and open fire. We recalled the crew and I was able to evade the incoming ship’s fire. The only damage we took was debris lodged into the aft port thruster.

I took us to port and we unloaded the cargo. I made my way to one of my usual bars; I got a drink and talked to some of the locals. I managed to get a swoop race set up; was a half klik alley straight away post Amidalian. Smoked the guys, one of them wiped, one tore his bike up, guy who came in last place must have been new. His bike came in cherry but he was just afraid to push it. Any way I was doing some victory wheelies when a capital ship started firing upon the city.

I got a message telling me to get to the ship, and not to take the main arteries, so I pushed it and lucked out finding some scaffolding I was able to get toad hop the swoop across roofs and avoid the congestion. I made it to the ship dock and found Roy ready to take off. The others made it on and we got the fuck out of there.

Valeras' Public Journal
A Troubling Day

We had stumbled across a ship that had not responded to any of our attempts to hail it, so a small exploratory party was sent on board to investigate if the crew was in need of mechanical or medical attention. To our surprise, there was neither droid nor crew on the ship, so we presumed that it must have been part of a pirate raid that drifted before the materials were gathered. Knowing our duty as members of a loving Empire we gathered up materials to hand in to the local constabulary.
Pirates seem to be a crafier bunch than we had previously given credit for it would seem though, as the ship was a ruse, a decoy. While we were on the empty freighter a ship came upon us and fired at our umbilical. A wise course of action as it would vent atmosphere, incapacitate most any crew on either ship at best, and separate us from being able to defend our own ship if the pirates went sent a boarding party for the Cup of Coins, or whatever moniker our transportation goes by.
We beat a hasty retreat back to our ship and fortunately have a pilot capable enough to make it planet side without us taking any casualties. We made it to the planet side without further instance; we left the droid to make repairs. Everyone went their separate ways; I decided to get to know the Bothan doctor. We made our way to one of the local taverns. Immediately the doctor was greeted by a human that seemed to know him. The man was deranged from what I take it, talking about a girlfriend and throwing a big party. The doctor was pretty abusive, it was good. The important thing is he was paying for the drinks.
The doctor ended up being pretty good company for the night, until a capital ship started firing on the town. It was pretty much a free for all in the streets, but I managed to throw the Bothan over my shoulder and carry him to a speeder that was able to get us to the ship. I even managed to text out a warning to the others while piloting. Fortunately as we got to the port the ship was ready to fly. We all gathered and managed to make it to the ship safely.

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