Ballan Wec

An extremely odd Rodian mechanic


Species: Rodian
Career: Mechanic
Specialization Tree 1: Outlaw Tech

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 1.25m
Build: Lanky
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue-Black
Notable Features: Typical thick green and pebbly Rodian skin, but he doesn’t have the thick musky aroma usually associated with Rodians.

Soak Value Wound Threshold Current Wounds Strain Threashold Current Strain Ranged Defense Melee Defense
2 12 0 11 0 0 0
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 3 4 2 1 2
General Skills Characteristic Rank Type
Astrogation Intellect 1 Pilot Bonus
Computers Intellect 1 Mechanic Career
Coordination Agility 1 Mechanic Career
Discipline Willpower 0 Mechanic Career
Mechanics Intellect 2 Mechanic Career and Outlaw Tech Bonus
Perception Cunning 0 Mechanic Career
Pilot – Planet Agility 1 Mechanic Career
Streetwise Cunning 1 Outlaw Tech Bonus
Surveillance Intellect 1 Mechanic Career
Knowledge Skills Characteristic Rank Type
Education Intellect 0 Outlaw Tech Bonus
Underworld Intellect 1 Outlaw Tech Bonus
Talent Page Reference Summary
Expert Tracker 1 X Remove one setback per rank to find/follow tracks/targets in half the time.
Tinkerer 2 X +1 Hard Point to items per rank in Tinkerer
Utinni! 1 X Remove one setback per rank to find/scavenge items/gear in half the time.
Weapon Skill Damage Range Crit Special
Light Blaster Pistol Ranged – Light 5 Medium 4 Stun Setting
Obligation Magnitude Complications
Obsession 5 Various obsessive behaviors: counts rivets, must run his finger along any weld seam he sees, reacts strongly if his tools are disturbed
Criminal 5 Previous slave of Ytarral the Hutt
Motivation Type Description
Cause Non-Human Rights It’s a minor part of his character, but seeing how the Empire sometimes treats non-humans will cause Ballan to fixate on the issue.
Weapons & Armor
Blastech SE-14c Light Blaster Pistol Heavy Clothing
Personal Gear

Utility Belt
Emergency Repair Kit x2

Assets & Resources
43 credits
Total XP Current XP
105 0

Born into a traditional Rodian clan, Ballan Wec was the youngest of his siblings and was usually left to fend for himself. Unlike most Rodians, Ballan doesn’t seem to have the typical pungent musk that is a hallmark of the species. In fact, most Rodians can’t seem to smell him at all, and this makes them very uncomfortable.

Despite Ballan’s oddities, the Wec family was deemed to be pretty progressive, honoring the Rodian tradition of The Hunt, but envisioning the family as part of the greater Galactic society. Unfortunately, Ballan was not interested in The Hunt, but he was interested in maintaining the family’s weapons, tools, and vehicles. His obsessive nature ensured that the family armory was always prepared and extremely lethal.

The family turned this talent into a small business. Ballan’s reputation as a talented weaponsmith attracted the attention of a ruthless local human crime underboss who owed Ytarral the Hutt a sizable debt. Kidnapping the mechanical prodigy, Ballan was one of several slaves sent to Ytarral as part of a payoff. Needless-to-say, this did nothing to improve the young Rodian’s already fragile mental health. Despite the family’s protestations, the Hutt cared not that family had nothing to do with the underboss, and the family didn’t have the influence to force Ytarral to release Ballan.

The underboss was a completely different story. Tales are told of how she was hunted through the dense jungles of Rodia, and was denied the mercy of a quick death until each member of the family had drawn blood. Details of the hunt are sketchy, but the medical report states that the corpse was discovered with over two dozen serious lasburns, 17 broken bones in the upper body (it is assumed that the injuries were located thus so that she could keep running), four missing digits, shallow razor cuts over 80% of the body, and scarring in her synapses from repeated stun blasting.

As part of the Hutt’s retinue, Ballan was tasked with keeping pretty much everything mechanical maintained. His unassuming nature and significant mental health issues drew the attention of G’kessk, a Trandoshian thug who made Ballan the butt of many cruel jokes and pranks. The last prank forced Ballan to watch, growing more and more agitated, as the G’kessk and his thugs threw Ballan’s precious tools into the fusion reactor port of Ytarral the Hutt’s personal barque. Over the course of the following weeks, Ballan slowly planned and his revenge.

Ytarral hosted an audience during the quarterly tithe from all of his underbosses and henchmen. As G’kessk stepped forward to present his tithe, his blaster suddenly fired, and multiple micro-explosives detonated around the audience chamber. Several detonated on Ytarral’s palanquin and in the weapons of other henchmen around the room. The room erupted into chaos and blaster fire as everyone assumed G’kessk was making a power play. In the end, eight henchmen were dead as were G’kessk and Ytarral’s mojo domo, and Ytarral had suffered serious blaster wounds to his belly, right arm, and right eye. The repercussions rippled throughout the sector’s criminal underworld as many saw Ytarral as weak and ripe for assassination. In the end, Ytarral survived seven attempts on his life and his organization was crippled for nearly a decade.

But what of the slight, bizarre Rodian mechanic? He disappeared after the attempted coup. Some assume he had died in the attack and his body quickly disposed of. Others swear that he was exiting the audience chamber playing with some sort of small device. This last rumor is one of the reasons that Ytarral would like a word with the little Rodian (provided he’s still alive), that and the fact that pliant slave mechanics of his caliber are hard to find…

Ballan Wec

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