Balmor 8

Planetary Summary
Balmor 8 is the erroneous name given to the Terrestrial-class moon orbiting the eight planet of the Balmor System. This moon is know to be a stop-over for smugglers, pirates, and other individuals wishing to avoid Imperial law enforcement. Though it saw a large degree of development and traffic during the Galactic Republic era, it has diminished in population and commerce over the past hundred years due to changes in the Rimma Trade Route.

The planet experiences content-wide weather systems that produce highly-volatile ionic storms. They occur at regular seasonal intervals, and the majority of the indigenous population are well equipped to weather the storms. However, the increase in Imperial intrusion has left some of the more regulated communities ill-equipped for the ionic monsoons.

The planet’s primary exports are raw ores, refined fossil fuels, timber, and a species of arachnid which produces a high-tensile strength thread.

Planetary Statistics
Class Population Affiliation Notable Locations Notable Exports
Terrestrial 2.7 Million Galactic Empire Mij Valley Diridium Cortonate
72% Human Free World Balmor Tree Spider
12 % Parwan
7% Shistavanen
4% Orryxian
5% Other

Balmor 8

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