Change looms at the edge of the Empire!

The Core Worlds refer to the outer sectors of the galaxy colloquially as the Fringe. The holovids paint the Fringe as a lawless and danger-filled expanse, inhabited by desperate and violent miscreants. Criminal organizations and unethical corporations exploit the the lack of oversight in the Fringe to carry out lucrative, and often nefarious, agendas. Even the Imperial bureaucracy often overlooks the Fringe, due to the sheer logistics of bringing the multitudinous sectors into the fold. While the Core World grow fat and complacent in their decadence, the Fringe simmers with dissension and unrest. As Imperial legislation and intolerance force more and more pressures on the disenfranchised of the Core Worlds, many seek the freedom and opportunity of the untamed Fringe. For they know that while danger and hardship await them, a new hope may be found in the outer stars at the edge of the Empire.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

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